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We are a fast-growing online supplier of realistic sex dolls which has gained trust from global buyers.We only sell the best real sex dolls on the market.Every doll is made of the highest grade TPE & silicone materials, carefully crafted by professional artists and final inspection. “Get What You Buy” is our purpose. Multiple payment methods and professional live-chat and after-sales service.Create your dream girl with our customizable options, Let’s go.

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A realistic sex doll is full body size human-like dolls. Realistic sex dolls must have human characteristics. Such as vagina, anus, mouth, chest, penis. Of course, these are basically used for sexual masturbation. In addition, people also call them real love dolls.

Because life-like sex dolls can also be photo models or love partners.

Generally, realistic sex dolls have different genders (male, female, shemale, etc.), bust (flat chest, small breasts, big breasts, etc.), skin color (black, white, tan, ebony, etc.), and body size (big size, mini body), crowds (celebrities, porn stars, etc.).And most realistic sex dolls are perfect companions. The sexdolls for men have full breasts, sexy figures, beautiful faces, and long hair. The sexdoll for women has strong muscles and a thick long penis.

In addition, realistic sex dolls can be customized. Individual high-end sex doll suppliers support custom real sex dolls based on photos.In order to satisfy fetishism, some sex doll factories have deliberately designed dolls with some physical defects (moles, scars, stretch marks,body hair, etc). In short, the realistic sex doll is infinitely close to the real person.

Do you believe that the data traceability of the use of sex dolls can even be traced back to 8 AD? In fact, in that era, there were many studies and stories about sex dolls. Can you believe it? The first character doll was invented by Spanish and French sailors while sailing. When they were isolated by the ocean, a sex doll was created. They called it a sexual partner because they believed that sex dolls could not only satisfy their sexual needs physically but also ease their loneliness emotionally.

The wheel of time comes to the 17th century. One dutch sailor researched the technology to improve the sex doll. He made a cloth-based masturbation doll by hand-sewing and repairing it. Later on, these dolls were a great success among sailors from France, Germany, Spain, and other countries. These dolls laid the foundation for the emergence of sex robots and sex dolls.

With the commercialization of sex dolls, the sex doll pursued realism. At first, the sex doll only had the shape of a person. Later, sex dolls are made of TPE and Silicone. Realistic sex dolls began to appear. The real sex doll is the most popular love doll at the moment. At present, realistic sex dolls have occupied the entire market of sex dolls. At the same time,dools with poor experience such as inflatable sex dolls have been eliminated.

The life like sexdoll is made of TPE or silicone. But now the TPE real sex dools are more popular. TPE is a very practical sex doll material. This has also led to the popularity of TPE sex dolls. Moreover, they use medical-grade silicone and high-grade TPE as raw materials, and their bodies are supported by a very strong metal skeleton, so they can easily bear your weight and let you play with them. Now it becomes more realistic. We have realized the dream of having a realistic sex doll when we say goodbye to the inflatable caricatures.

Silicone VS TPE Sex Dolls

No matter you are a man, woman, single or married, you can buy a sex doll, she can get rid of loneliness and add some fun to your boring life. But which one is the best choice? Only face or function? If you plan to buy a sex doll, the first thing to consider is the material of the sex doll, because only if it is realistic enough can it bring you a more magical touch. As well, rubber dolls on the market definitely won’t stand still, it is improving.

TPE sex doll is more elastic and softer. Guess what? TPE sex dolls are very flexible. At the same time, TPE love dolls have better heat resistance. And TPE sex dolls are cheaper. Of course, every coin has two sides. TPE dolls are easily soiled by body fluids during sex, so it is recommended that you wash them with soap after sex.

On the other hand, silica gel is a simple, rubber-like man-made polymer. However, it is heat resistant, so you can use it in many situations, like insulation, glue, lube, or other products. Now, I would like to introduce the advantages of life size silicone sexdoll. The silicone sex doll is easy to clean. So you don’t need to spend too much time caring. Another pro is its realisticness. Let’s talk about the disadvantages. The hydrophobic coating may become sticky occasionally. Don’t worry, You can use child powder to counter this.

In conclusion, I still cannot say which material is better. But I believe that the sex doll factory will help you make the final decision.
. Silicone or TPE dolls, it is decided by the price you pay. And it is up to you, choosing your favorite one is ok.

People need sex every once in a while. However, not everyone has a sexual partner. Now it’s good, the realistic sex doll is here. She can solve a lot of troubles. There are many benefits to owning a real love doll.

1. Realistic sex dolls are absolutely safe and don’t worry about STDs

It must be admitted that everyone likes sex. But people pay more attention to sex safety. When enjoying sex with the opposite, are you worried about STD? Even if you wear a condom, there is no guarantee that you will be foolproof.

If you own a realistic sex doll, then these worries can be put aside. In any case, this realistic sexdoll is only yours. And she only has sex with you. As long as you date and have sex with the opposite, there is a chance of STDs. However, when you receive a realistic sex doll, this love doll is sterile. Well, you can rest assured sex with the real doll. Then, regular disinfection and cleaning can ensure safe and healthy sex.

2. One-time investment in a real sex doll, no additional cost

Can you believe it? One person bought a very good real sex doll. Within five years, he had no additional sex expenses. And his real doll is still good. In short, the best real love doll is very cost-effective. Even the owners of some dolls are addicted to rough oral sex or anal sex. Their sexdoll is still very good. That’s right, a one-time investment, without additional costs, you can enjoy several years of safe sex.

How does it compare to dating? Maybe you have been dating many times, so you can calculate how high the cost of dating is? And haven’t had sex yet. The sex doll never asks for more. Such as watching movies, shopping, shopping and other requirements. How much you spend on a realistic sexdoll depends on you. But sex doll is always happy to have sex for you. At present, TPE realistic sex dolls and silicone sex dolls are all high-grade materials. These two sex dolls can last for many years. So investing in a real sex doll does not require any other costs. This is quite a bargain.

3. The real sex doll never gets angry

Normal people will have mood swings. So it really takes a lot of time to maintain the relationship. And a real sex doll never has mood swings. She can always keep smiling. She always has sex with you in the happiest state.

4. Realistic sex dolls have many styles

Yes, you may have seen many different beauties. But you can only have sex with one or a few beautiful women. For realistic sex dolls, there are hundreds of styles. If you have enough budget, you can experience a new style of beauty sex doll every day. In addition, now you can customize your sex doll. In other words, choose different styles of sex dolls according to your own hobbies. Big breasts, flat breasts, big butts, vagina shapes, etc. can all be customized.

5. Lifesize sexdoll is loyal to you

When you buy a life size sexdoll, then she belongs to you only. You are her master. She will not betray. Because she is loyal to her master forever. No matter how much temptation, she will never leave you.

6. In oral sex, life like sexdoll has no complaints

Oral sex is a very exciting sex way. But not all women can accept this kind of sex way. Sometimes, when you want oral sex, your sex partner will refuse you. It was not only embarrassing but also like a nightmare.

However, life like sex doll will not refuse any sex way. She is happy to suck your penis with her mouth. She never complained. She can do it as long as you want.

7. Lifesize sexdoll has no risk of pregnancy

Yes, people have studied many kinds of contraceptive methods. However, there is no 100% way to prevent someone from getting pregnant at all. Unless don’t have sex. But that is impossible.

Thanks to lifesize sexdoll, you can rest assured sex and don’t need to wear condoms. Many people don’t like to wear condoms, which affects the feeling of sex. When you own a real sex doll, you can go to sex without taking any safety measures.

At the same time, it has to be said that these lifesize sex dolls can also avoid emotional breakdowns. I believe that no woman will allow her lover to fall in love with other women and have sex with them. If you have sex with your realistic sexdoll, then your woman should allow it.

8. Real sex doll is happy to do any you like sex position

At present, people are exploring a lot of sexual postures. If you searched for sex positions on Google, do you want to try those sex positions? However, your sexual partner may not be willing to try. Because some sex positions are difficult.

For the real sex doll, she has a very good built-in metal skeleton. She is very happy to have sex in different sexual positions. With your help, she will complete many sexual positions. It’s easy, you have a lot of sex fun.

9. You can have sex with real sex dolls anytime, anywhere

As we all know, women have menstrual periods. Indeed, it is not possible to have sex all the time. Especially women’s menstrual period and pregnancy period.

However, owning real sex dolls no longer has such troubles. Sex dolls have no menstrual period and will not be pregnant. You can fuck her cute hole anytime. By the way, maybe you have never experienced sex in the kitchen or bathroom. Real sex dolls can have sex with you wherever you want.

10. Realist sex doll is willing to shoot porn video with you

People always like to record beautiful moments. And some people like to record their own sexual moments. That’s normal.

Customer service is extremely important for Uusexdoll. Unlike any other supplier, if there is any defect with your realistic sex doll, contact Uusexdoll within 24 hours. And Uusexdoll will either repair or replace the sex doll depending on the level of defect if the love doll has not been used.

Uusexdoll has a strict quality control process. Guarantee the supply of the best realistic sex dolls of high quality.

For more information about purchase guarantees, please visitᅠPurchase Guarantee & Return & Refund Policyᅠpage.

How to make a realistic sexdoll?
If you are a big fan of real sex dolls, you may have a lot of questions. For example, how is the realistic sexdoll made? Even you want to see the dolls manufacturing process in a sex doll factory. But that is not easy. Now, let’s briefly discuss how to make a real sex doll.

In fact, there are roughly five steps to making a realistic sex doll.

First, sketch a sex doll
In other words, a realistic sex doll needs to be drawn on paper. These are the jobs of professional designers. The designer made a detailed sex doll sketch. Then build a 3D model on the computer.

Usually, a sex doll designer will design two sketches. One is the body of the sex doll; the other is the head of the sex doll. The sex doll head is a very complex and large project. That determines whether this realistic sex doll is a hot-selling doll.

Next, create a solid sex doll mold.
The previous stage is the virtual model. At this stage, a mold is carefully made. Then make fine adjustments. Mainly adjust the chest shape, leg shape and other details. This step is mainly to fix the structure of the realistic sex doll. Thus, it is ensured that the model and the mold are in perfect fit.

The third step, inject TPE or silicone material into the sex doll mold
After the mold is completed, a high-level liquid material is injected into the sex doll mold. The core of this step is to control the amount of material.

If the injected material is too little, the real sex doll will be very hard. In that case, the finished sex doll is like a rock. However, if too much material is injected, the sex dolls will be particularly loose. In that case, the finished sex doll is like a puddle of mud. Unable to form a reasonable body.

In fact, this step directly determines the success of the realistic sex doll. After the material is injected, it takes time to cool down.

The fourth step, remove the mold
After the material has cooled, remove the mold. Now, the doll is still not a real human sex doll. Needs to continue to do a lot of work. Next, the sex doll sculptor set about to work. They will carefully remove the excess material. Then use a spatula to fine-tune the skin of the sexdoll. In the end, the charming realistic sex doll body took shape.

Finally, complete the details
After the above four steps, the sex doll is almost complete. Now, you need to adjust the details of nails, nipples, eyes, anus, etc. In fact, need to do more works, the purpose is to make this sex doll more realistic. At this stage, each sex doll will become unique.

It must be mentioned that the head of the sex doll is changeable. In other words, the same sex doll’s body can be matched with different sex doll head shapes.

After doing all works, your realistic sex doll can be shipped.

To sum up, only briefly describes the production process of a sex doll. In fact, a realistic sex doll needs to do more complicated things. This process is very long and very hard. Even for already skilled workers, they still need to spend a lot of time and energy. However, finished lifelike sex dolls are amazing.

How to use a realist sexdoll?
Maybe you have received your realistic sexdoll. But you don’t know anything about this big package. Then you should know how to use a realist sexdoll.

Mainly have the following steps.

1. Open the package box

Generally, a relatively large space is required. Because the package will be larger. Have a utility knife ready. Open carefully from the edge of the box. Reminder: Do not discard the cardboard box. If your realistic sex doll has some problems, you can use it when you need after-sales.

2. Take out and check the real sex doll

Gently remove the plastic paper wrapping the doll. The sex doll realistic body is here. Lifelike tits and a realistic vagina will make you feel short of breath. Please keep Calm. Check your real love doll carefully for damage. If there is damage, you should take a picture and contact the seller immediately. If there is no damage, pick up the sex doll’s body and look for a soft place. Always remember to protect your lover. Because her skin is afraid of sharp objects.Reminder: Please wash your hands carefully before touching the skin of sex doll.

3. Check the accessories

Check the accessories included in the order. So as not to lose part of the accessories, the sex dolls cannot be used normally. Similarly, if there is a problem, find the seller to solve it in time.

4. If possible, please wash the realist sex doll body

In order to protect the skin of sex doll, there is usually some talcum powder. If you have a separate space, please take a bath for the sexdoll realistic body. After bathing, wipe with a light-colored towel that does not shed hair. Looking for the dry place, dry your real love doll.

5. Install sex doll lifelike head

Open the sealed bag. See that lifelike sex doll head. Generally, there is a mounting metal on the sex doll head. It’s very simple, like screwing a screw, install this sex doll head to the body.

6. Dress up your life size sexdoll

Congratulations, you have completed the installation of se x doll. Next, in order to make your sex doll more realistic. You need to be a stylist.

Wear clothes – Put on clothes for your sex doll according to your preferences. For example, you like porn stars. Then put on sexy underwear or SM clothes for her. Reminder: Sex dolls reject low-quality clothes that are easy to fade. Try to choose light-colored clothes. Otherwise, it will contaminate the skin of the sex doll.

Accessorize items-If you are an expert in dressing up, then you can make up your doll. Eyelashes, eyeshadows, scarves, ladies’ handbags, hairstyles, bracelets, anklets, etc., are up to you. Under your efforts, you will have a unique realistic sex doll.

Changing the sex doll shape – If you want to experience a different style of sex doll, then changing the shape is the best choice. Very simple, buy a sex doll wig or sex doll head. These are quite cheap. But you can enjoy more style real dolls.

7. Get ready for sex

It is necessary to prepare body lubricants and condoms. Body lubricant allows your penis to easily enter the hole. And condoms can save the trouble of cleaning the vagina, anus, and mouth. In addition, maybe you have to prepare some male masturbators or sex videos. Because any sex requires foreplay. Isn’t it?

8. Start enjoying sex with your realistic TPE or Silicone sex doll

Now, everything is ready. Start your sexual journey.

Vaginal Intercourse – It’s very simple. Simulate your sex with a woman. Your penis enters her vagina. Usually, realistic sex dolls have a full vagina. And the inside of the sex doll’s vagina is designed with folds. In fact, It is no different from a real vagina. After inserting into the vagina, you will begin to exercise rhythmically. Of course, you can try different sex positions with your sex doll.

Anal Intercourse – Many people yearn for anal sex. But finding a partner who is willing to have anal sex is not easy. However, this life like sex doll likes anal sex. Her anus is tight. The internal structure is full of resistance. It will be very comfortable for your big cock to fuck.

Oral Sex – To be honest, oral sex with a sex doll does not have the experience of real girl oral sex. But it’s almost the same. In any case, oral sex with your sex doll, you don’t worry that she will vomit. Indeed, oral sex with a sexual partner, always worries that she will vomit.

Other Sex Ways – Fetishes love many sex ways. Such as breast sex, foot sex, and so on. Of course, your lifelike full body sex doll has big breasts and limbs. In the same way, you can enjoy these sex ways.

Types of the life size sexdoll?

Everyone has different expectations of sex. And everyone likes different types of sex dolls. Therefore, many types of sex dolls are available on the market. Summarize the current popular sex doll categories. Then you can learn more about realistic sex dolls.

The latest and most popular realistic sex doll types are as follows:

1. Anime Sexdoll

Animated pornography is very popular. Many people are addicted to anime storylines. These gave birth to anime sexdoll and hentai sexdolls. This kind of sex doll perfectly replicates anime characters. This kind of real sex doll perfectly restores the details of the cartoon image. These cute realistic anime sex dolls make many people intoxicated. According to the news, there are such cute anime sex dolls in sex doll brothels in Japan. Tourists from all over the world rave about the place.

2. Mini Sex Doll

Mini sexdoll is a realistic full-body sex doll, only smaller. This kind of sex doll is about 15kg. And the height is less than 140cm. Similarly, these mini sex dolls have all the characteristics of women. Including lifelike vagina, anus, mouth, breasts, etc. You can think of this kind of small sex doll as a reduced version of sex dolls. There is no difference in functionality. And the advantages are obvious. Such tiny love dolls are cheaper, lighter, and easier to move. In fact, this mini sex doll is one of the most popular types of real sex dolls.

3. BBW Sex dolls

BBW is the abbreviation of big beautiful women. So BBW Sexdolls refer to those big-size busty sex dolls. Few men can refuse big boobs and curvy bodies. It just so happens that BBW sex dolls have plump breasts, round and juicy butts, powerful thighs, and a curvy body. By the way, real BBW sex dolls usually have a larger vagina, anus, and mouth. These are enough to make you enjoy sex to the fullest.

4. Japanese Sex Dolls

When talking about Japan, in addition to thinking of the great AV industry, should also think of Japanese women. Do you know? Obedient in nature is the best label for Japanese women. In fact, not only Japanese men like Japanese women, men all over the world like Japanese wearing kimonos women. Japanese Sex Dolls are actually love dolls designed based on Japanese women. Purchase a realistic Japanese Sex Doll. Then you can enjoy the feeling of having sex with Japanese women.

5. Black Sex doll

Black women have a kind of beauty. It’s the exquisiteness that their skin reveals. If you know an African woman, you will be melted by her fiery enthusiasm. Black sexdoll (or called ebony sexdoll) is a copy of African women. If you desire sex with black women, this is a good choice. Try these realistic black sex dolls, you will find another exciting feeling of sex.

6. Asian Sex doll

Asian sexdoll is a kind of doll similar to Asians. Asian sex dolls imitate Asians to the greatest extent. Including Asian skin tone, facial structure, body shape. In terms of appearance, these Asian sex dolls restore Asian men or women. Actually, Asian women are really beautiful. For example, Chinese stars such as Fan Bingbing and Tang Wei. Of course, the Chinese sex doll is also a component of the Asian sex doll. If you are also a fan of Asian beauties, perhaps you can consider these Asian erotic sex dolls.

7. Elf Sex Doll

You must know the two movies “The Lord of the Rings” and “Avatar”. Then you can imagine what Elf sex doll looks like. Elf sex doll is designed based on these imagined women. Meet people’s needs for fantasy things. This is romantic sex.

8. Big Booty Sex Doll

Big booty sexdoll refers to those big boobs and butt real sex dolls. The big booty TPE and silicone sex doll is one of the best-selling dolls of all real sex dolls. No man can refuse busty women. Similarly, you will indulge in these big ass sex dolls. They can also have vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, and tits sex. And this kind of big butt and tits sex doll has a deeper hole. You can insert deeper.

9. Blonde Sex Dolls

Blonde women are usually pretty. Many men fantasize about having sex with blonde women. Yes, blonde women are very open. Especially these blonde sex dolls. Of course, you can enjoy a lot of sexual pleasure with this real blonde sex doll. Including beautiful riding sex. Browse those blonde sex dolls. You will find that they are indeed beautiful and very sexy. These realistic blonde sex dolls seem to be sex experts.

10. Celebrity Sexdoll

In fact, Celebrity Sexdoll refers to those love dolls based on celebrities. For example, popular female models, singers, writers, actors, and other well-known people. Fancy sex with a celebrity? Celebrity sex doll helps you realize your dream of sleeping with celebrities. Imagine your penis can enter the hole of a certain celebrity. Don’t you think it’s exciting?

11.Flat Chested Sex Dolls

As the name suggests, flat chested sex dolls are dolls with flat breasts. The counterpart is a big boobs sex doll. This kind of real sex doll has two boobs as flat as an airport. Except for the flat chest. This type of sexdoll is no different from other types of sex dolls. That is, the flat chested sex doll can have vaginal, anal, and oral sex very well. But breast sex may not be so easy. However, many people like this skinny flat-chested sex doll.

12. Big Tits Sex Doll

Big tits sexdoll usually has big boobs. Such as G cup, M cup, or even larger. On a lonely night, if the penis has an erection, it is difficult to get through without a sex partner. When you see the juicy big boobs real sexdoll, everything becomes easy. Yes, she is the best choice for tits fuck. Huge tits are just one feature of these realistic sex dolls. Huge tits sexdoll usually has round buttocks and protruding vaginas. Those will cause people’s attention. Just like the huge tits woman on the street.

13. Shemale Sex Doll

Have you followed Thai ladyboys? That’s it, hermaphrodite with busty tits and big cock at the same time. Similarly, this is shemale sex doll -full size lifelike sex doll torso with big boobs and penis. Now, there is also a kind of shemale sex doll that can switch between vagina and penis. To be honest, a realistic shemale sex doll is the best choice for single solo and couple sex. Of course, shemale sex dolls include gay sexdoll and lesbian sex doll. Anyway, it is a double-sex real love doll.

14. Sex Doll for Women

Women desire sex more than men. Just like a female sex doll, a sexdoll for women is a male sex doll. These male sex dolls are popular among women. It is also a favorite of gays. Not that complicated, sexdoll for women is a copy of a strong man with a big cock. If you are a woman who desires sex, these macho sex dolls will be your favorite. The penis of these realistic male sex dolls will never soften. His penis is so hard and you will love it. But it feels good to the touch. It will fit well to the vagina or anus.

15. Sex Doll Torso

Sexdoll performs better in terms of sex. But a sexdoll with full body is usually very heavy. Storage and care are troublesome. And the full size sex dolls will hurt our wallets. In this case, you can also consider a sex doll torso. The sex doll torso generally does not have a head. But there are lifelike breasts, anus, breasts, etc. Therefore, in terms of solving basic sex needs, the sex doll torso is ok.

Custom your realistic sex dolls
Custom sexdolls are valued. Because everyone has their own preferences. In the market, there may always be so few styles of sexdoll. Now you need to consider custom sex dolls. For some high-end sex doll suppliers, it can even be customized according to photos. But it must not infringe anyone’s right to the portrait.

Too many TPE sex dolls online, which one is better? However, there is no need to worry about limited choices. After all, people’s hobbies vary greatly. Then you are surprised to find that there are many style sex dolls. Hence, Uusexdoll is here to help. Uusexdoll supports the customization of various bodies, face shapes, wigs, breasts, and even vaginas.

In addition, if you want to ask “How to choose a best TPE sex doll?” My answer is: “You can customize a sex doll that fits your aesthetics, including the head, skin color, hairstyle, and even the color of the eyes. Uusexdoll can make the color of nails, the size of breasts, the color and size of nipples, etc.”

In this case, from Japanese sex dolls to American sex dolls, from young sex dolls to milf sex dolls, from A-cup sex dolls to P-cup sex dolls. Uusexdoll can produce any dolls for you.

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